How to inflate your paddle board

  1. Make sure the valve is in the UP position (press down the centre pin of the valve and turn 90 degrees either direction to achieve this)
  2. On the end of the hose, there is a washer. Make sure the washer is positioned with the groove facing the board (groove side outwards)
  3. Attach to the board using the bayonet fitting, push down and turn clockwise to lock into position
  4. Inflate using the pump (following instructions in “how to use your pump” section)
  5. It’s a workout to get to the right PSI, so don’t be fooled when your board looks inflated already, there is still a long way to go!
  6. The gauge starts to read and move around 7 psi (about 10 minutes of pumping), pump to 15-17 psi – the last few psi are vital to the behaviour of your board
  7. Remove the hose, push down and simply turn anti clockwise, a small amount of air will escape and the valve pops into position! You are ready to use your SUP!
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