My pump isn’t registering any pressure – is the gauge broken?

Your high pressure pump gauge requires quite a bit of back pressure to get the needle ‘off the stop’ – sometimes as much as 3-4psi. Even though you’ve pumped for what seems like ages and your SUP looks and feels solid – there’s more to go! Don’t worry though, as you get up towards the 15-17psi range you need, there are fewer strokes required to raise the pressure (although the strokes get harder- so remember to switch to single action on your pump. The first time you inflate a paddle board it can feel like an eternity, but in truth it’s a few minutes, you get used to it and as boarders will tell you it’s a good warm-up!

If however you are sure you’ve got up to pressure and the gauge is still not showing – you may have a rare faulty gauge. In this case you could try checking another paddler’s pump to see if that registers and then contact us for a swap-out. You can use the contact form here.