Warranty Information

Warranty Information

We know that sometimes things go wrong so we provide a one year warranty on all Aquaplanet paddleboards and accessories. This means you are covered for any manufacturing faults on all parts for your first year.

General Terms & Conditions

If you notice a fault with one of your Aquaplanet products, please let us know. If we agree that it is indeed a fault covered by our Warranty we will repair or replace the defective product.

There are some areas that we do not cover, such as costs, loss or damage incurred whilst using an Aquaplanet product. Here are a few more details about what we can and cannot cover.

What does the warranty apply to?

All of our Aquaplanet branded paddleboards and accessories.

Only products purchased directly from the Aquaplanet website and from Authorised Aquaplanet resellers. Warranties cannot be transferred.

If you modify or alter the product, without prior authorisation from Aquaplanet in writing, this will void the warranty.

If a repair or replacement has taken place, the Warranty only applies for the remainder of the period from the original purchase date.

Repairs will be completed subject to available parts. We will do our best to match the original product, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact product back.

If you have not purchased directly from Aquaplanet, any warranty claims must be supported by the original purchase receipt, clearly identifying the Authorised seller.

If a defect is found in the materials or craftsmanship, we will complete a repair, free of charge or replace at our discretion.

This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your legal rights under laws.

What does the warranty not cover?

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Misuse, abuse, neglect or user error.
  • Punctures
  • Excessive UV/Heat Exposure (shown by distinct yellow glue staining around seams or fading of parts such as fins and logos)
  • Improper handling or storage
  • Intentional breakages
  • Lost items
  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in material or workmanship, this includes improper customer repairs or alterations.

Further breakdown by product / accessory

Things that are not covered
– damaged caused by impact with objects, falling on the paddle, paddle sinking, breakage or damage to the mechanism due to improper use, normal wear and tear or damage form use outside the intended purpose

Things that are not covered – fading, tears, rips, holes caused by abuse or excessive strain. Zip damage from improper care, normal wear and tear or damage from use outside of its intended purpose

Fins & Leashes
Things that are not covered
– damage caused by use in surf zones, impact with objects or normal wear and tear or damage from use outside the intended purpose

How to make a warranty claim

Please send your request by email to support@aquaplanetsports.com, with your order number, full name and address and providing proof of purchase.

It is helpful if you are able to include a picture or video detailing what has gone wrong so we can see the best way to resolve this for you.

The claim will be reviewed by our product team, to establish if the damage is covered by our warranty. If the damage is deemed to be as a result of misuse or wear and tear, we will let you know and Aquaplanet will not have any further responsibility to repair this, but may be able to provide further assistance at a cost.

If it is found to be covered by our warranty, we will complete a repair, free of charge or replace at our discretion.

For minor aesthetic issues, we may ask you to complete the repair yourself, to enable you to continue using your product without a period of disruption.  If you do not feel confident to complete the repair yourself, we will arrange a collection of the product and complete a repair within 28 days. If the product cannot be repaired in this time, we will endeavour to issue a replacement of equal quality.

If you are prepared to complete the repair yourself, we will provide the materials and instruction to ensure that you can complete this.

If a return to Aquaplanet for repair is required, we will ask you to package up the product that requires repair, ready for collection. On receipt of the product, we will check the product for the reported defects and complete the required repairs. Please note, it can take up to 28 days to process a return once we have received this. Refunds can only be issued within the first 30 days from the start of the warranty.

For major issues, reported within the first 6 months of the warranty period, where repair by you is not feasible, we will collect the product and issue a new product in replacement. If the same product is not available, you may be offered an equivalent product instead.

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