Top places to paddle board in Slough

Slough is a large town based in Berkshire, almost directly between central London and Reading.  Based around Slough are a number of great places to go paddle boarding with a number of lakes, reservoirs and even the Thames. 

Queen Mother Reservoir 

Formally opened in March 1962 after construction was suspended due to WW2, the Queen Mother Reservoir is one of the largest inland bodies of water at around 475 acres. Due to being enclosed, the reservoir is ideal for beginner paddle boarders and those wishing to work on their technique. The great location means that the Queen Mother Reservoir is a popular favourite with a number of other watersport enthusiasts such as windsurfing and dinghy sailing. 

Bray Lake 

Based in a cosy corner of Berkshire, Bray Lake is a 50-acre body of water devoted to the participation of watersports including paddle boarding, windsurfing, sailing and open water swimming. Bray Lake watersports is open 7 days a week providing the perfect opportunity for first time Sup’ers to get some training and tuition before heading out onto the water. Any classes and equipment hire needs to be pre booked beforehand so make sure you check out their website before turning up.

The River Thames 

With Slough based in the Thames Valley, there is easy access to what could easily be considered as the most famous river in England, the River Thames. There are a number of great spots to set off on your paddle board around Slough, a popular choice of location is Eaton. Not only is there a picturesque meadow along the riverbank but you can also see views of the renowned Windsor Castle. On the Thames you can meander down the river a while or simply float alongside the meadow depending on your mood. 

Slough Arm on Grand Union Canal

The Slough Arm is a peaceful short stretch of canal branch from the main Grand Union canal. It is approximately 4.9 miles long without locks meaning you can paddle on down without any interruptions, just watch out for the geese and canal boats. This stretch of the canal was originally built for the brick manufacturing industry and was supposed to be filled after 1960, local objections saved the stretch of canal keeping it in regular use until this day. 

Two people kayaking on lake

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