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Prolimit SUP Wear

Prolimit is driven by a desire to create and build innovative watersport products. They lead the market with their application of the latest tech, applying industry-first innovations across a range of superior quality products.

We work with Prolimit to supply leading paddle board clothing to the UK and beyond. If you have any questions on Prolimit or the products they offer then make sure you get in touch with a member of our team and we will be able to clear up any queries.


Paddle Board Clothing

Prolimit Raider Shoe V-Strap


Paddle Board Clothing

Prolimit Poncho Zipper Xtreme


Paddle Board Clothing

Prolimit SUP Neoprene Hoody 1.5mm


About Prolimit SUP Wear

We think we have chosen the best of the Prolimit range for SUP wear. Quick-dry shorts and tops, so no worries if you fall off your paddle board! Neoprene tops, leggings & boots are essential for the cooler days, and a poncho for warming up when you come off the water.
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