Aquaplanet Quick Dry SUP Top (Unisex)


The Aquaplanet Quick-Dry SUP top is a high quality zipped paddleboarding top designed for a modern & stylish look. Washable with excellent drying capabilities, COOL-DRY® soft comfort fit fabric works 2 fold to wick & expel moisture, at the same time ensuring its fabric maintains a cool, dry & comfortable body zone.

  • Quick-Dry: The tops’ ability to rapidly expel water means you can remain dry after any paddling mistakes.
  • Luxury Feel: The soft fit fabric molds to the shape of your body making it both flattering and comfortable.
  • Stunning Design: With its contrast paneled design, various “swoosh” elements and line details on the arms this paddleboarding top will turn heads.
  • Light: At just 185 gsm this top is lightweight but keeps you warm and dry.
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