Top places to paddle board in the lake district 

The Lake District, as you may have guessed from the name, has a number of great places to SUP, in fact, there are 16 different lakes in the vicinity but which ones are the best for paddle boarding? 

Lake Windermere

Not only is Windermere the largest lake in the Lake District, but it is actually also the largest lake in England, which is pretty impressive. The lake has a number of mountain peaks and villages overlooking the water giving you a lovely view as you paddle board. To explore the northern end of the lake there are a number of trails where you will get the chance to see a wealth of wildlife including otters and white clawed crayfish as well as get a glimpse of Wray Castle.  To paddle board around the southern parts of the lake, a good place to start would be Fell Foot, this is at the furthest southern part of Windermere and is perfectly located to paddle board along River Leven. 


If you prefer a more remote paddle board adventure, then Wastwater could be the perfect place for you. Hidden away in a western corner of the Lake District, is Wastwater, this glacial lake is 260 feet deep which is the deepest in England so it is no surprise that you are likely to come across some deep-water divers at this unique spot. To add to the charm of Wastwater, it is also surrounded by a number of breathtaking mountains including Red Pike, Kirk Fell and Scafell Pike.

Coniston Water 

The third largest lake in the Lake District, Coniston Water is 5 miles long. Sheltered by lakeland fells, this place is a great option for those who need calmer waters to get to grips with their paddle boarding technique, or for those who just want to have a leisurely float. From different places of the lake you'll be able to spot Brantwood House and Peel Island, both of which provide a beautiful view and extra appeal to Coniston Water. The lake is also well known for its picture perfect picnic spots. 

Thirlmere Reservoir 

A less well-known paddle boarding spot, the man-made Thirlmere Reservoir is ideal for those who want a quieter trip on their paddle board. A really unique feature of Thirlmere is that whilst paddling on its water you will actually paddling over two submerged villages, Armboth and Wythburn, which were lost when the natural lake was dammed to form the reservoir. It has also regularly been known to have low flying RAF aircraft swooping over the waters, another distinctive feature of this paddle boarding location.

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