Paddle like a pro

Led by our expert instructors, this comprehensive video course covers everything from selecting the right board and paddle to mastering essential paddling techniques and safety tips. With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step demonstrations, you'll learn the fundamentals of paddleboarding in no time.

Chapter 1
Getting started:
How to set up

Introduction to the video course

Benefits of paddle boarding

Essential equipment for paddle boarding

Recommended paddle boarding equipment

Chapter 2
Basics of getting into the water

Inflation board setup

Getting on your paddle board

Paddling on your knees standing

Falling in safely

Board stances

Getting off your board

Chapter 3
Paddle technique

How to hold your paddle

If you lose your paddle prone paddling

How to paddle

Paddling in a straight line

How to stop

Basic turning

Advanced turning

Chapter 4
Paddle boarding mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes

Chapter 5
How to stay safe

Introduction to safety

Assessing the lay of the land

Dress for the occasion

Rules of watercraft

Chapter 6
Where to ride

SUP locations

Chapter 7
Maintaining & repairing your iSUP

Cleaning your SUP


Repairing your board

Chapter 8
Course round-up

Course complete summary