Where can you paddle board in the UK?

So, you’ve got the kit, the high quality paddle board, and you are ready to set out onto the waterways of the UK. Paddle boarding can be an exciting experience, but many are left asking the question of where the best location is for them to paddle board.

That answer will differ depending on which part of the country you are in and how far you are willing to travel. One of our previous blogs breaks down the top 5 paddle board locations in the UK (selected by you!) and this week we go one step further by detailing the types of locations and waterways that make good paddle boarding spots. 

  • Canals

When working out where to paddle board many people look at canals as they have a perceived low barrier to entry. The great thing about canals is there are plenty of waterways around the UK that make good paddle boarding spots. Just make sure you have the correct license to paddle board at any canal near you. 

  • Adventure parks 

If you are looking for a way to get into paddle boarding whilst also learning the ropes, then adventure parks and paddle boarding activity centres could be a good place to start. They can offer training which helps you get underway, and they also minimise the chances of getting lost!

If you are looking for an accessible way of learning how to paddle board, the Aquaplanet online paddle board course gives you plenty of options. 

  • Lakes 

Lakes are great paddle boarding spots and if you are planning your next staycation, it may be worth booking a place that has a good paddle boarding pedigree! Make sure you have permission to paddle board in the lakes and ensure the lakes are safe to traverse. 

  • The beach 

Many people paddle board at the beach and there aren’t many better ways to spend a sunny afternoon than on the waters at a golden coast! Make sure you are relatively experienced in paddle boarding before you take to the open waters as the tide and currents can add an extra level of difficulty that will need to be managed. 

  • Rivers 

Rivers make good paddle boarding spots, but you need to pick the right one. Sturdy paddle boards will need short durable fins with good rocker (curve) from nose to tail. You should also work out if you paddle boarding on a fast-moving river or a more gently paced down-stream one.  Again, it is important to ensure you have the correct license when paddling on rivers.

Aquaplanet partners with British Canoeing 

If you type in the phrase “where can I paddle board near me” you will return plenty of results for local paddle board activity organisers and adventure parks, but there are plenty of other locations which are great for a paddle boarding adventure. 

Aquaplanet has recently partnered with British Canoeing as their official SUP partner. The partnership will give British Canoeing members £20 off our boards and we will work collaboratively to share advice and best practices around paddle boarding. 

Find the best paddle boarding locations with the Go Paddling website


The Go Paddling website from British Canoeing gives you everything you need to find the best paddle board locations near you whether you are looking for ‘paddle points’ for a perfect staycation or paddle trails to give you access to great paddle board routes out of the box. 

The Go Paddling website also gives you insight into the licenses that you should have for the different waterways and how you can get them. 

When working out where to paddle board near you, always make sure you prioritise fun and safety to ensure you get the most out of your paddle boarding experience. 




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