Did you know the average paddler takes up to 1,500 strokes per hour? (And that’s during moderate intensity paddling). 

So let’s take five to think about how your paddle could affect your SUP and inflatable kayaking experience. 

With a huge amount of strokes being made during your time out on the water, the importance of a comfortable handle, an efficient blade and the overall weight of your paddle shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in a carbon paddle, here are just a few reasons why it could be one of the best SUP purchases you’ll make…

1. Super Lightweight

Our general rule of thumb when looking at paddles: buy the lightest one you can afford. 

For the lightest and most rigid shaft, carbon fiber is the material of choice. Always look carefully at the paddle description though - if it’s described as a “carbon shaft” paddle, it’s probably a fiberglass/carbon blend. This could have as little as 10% carbon content if it isn’t specified.

We’re proud to say our Aquaplanet Carbon Adjustable Paddle is a 100% 3k carbon paddle and weighs under 700 grams. That’s about the weight of a loaf of bread!

2. Speedy and smooth

Pros tend to use carbon paddles in competitions. But don’t let this put you off. Just because a sponsored rider is using a carbon paddle doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Yes, pros require the highest level of performance – but novices do too!

Our sleek carbon blade will cut the water effortlessly, improving the recovery stroke and meaning you’ll glide smoothly with both precision and speed.

3. Ultimate comfort

As mentioned, with so many strokes taken per hour, a comfortable grip is really, really important. With our carbon paddle, the hand grip locks into the palm of your hand to give increased speed and force.

As well as this, carbon is warm on your hands. You may not think that’s vital when it’s hot and sunny out on the water, but on chillier days you’ll be mighty thankful!

4. Compact and quick

For the ultimate no-faff experience, our carbon paddle collapses down into three pieces to slot into your velvet carry bag. And the quick-adjust telescopic system means you can set up in seconds.

Not only this, but the carbon paddle looks premium, modern and sleek - meaning you can paddleboard in serious style. 

Aquaplanet, on a quest to be the best

Not just another faceless paddle boarding company

Here at Aquaplanet we want to create a community around paddleboarding and the best boards that we can. All, of course, at the best price for our customers. Since we started in 2017 our founder always said that he wanted everyone to be able to enjoy paddleboarding and bring the sport to the masses. 3 years later and here we are with the top selling SUP on Amazon and a band of loyal followers who trust our products and customer service.

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