1. A ‘core’ workout

You often hear SUP described as a good ‘core’ workout - but what does that mean? Core exercises work the muscle groups central to your build; abdomen, hips, pelvis and spine areas. Core workouts help develop and maintain your stability, balance and agility.

2. The great outdoors

SUP is certainly not the only exercise choice that takes you outdoors but it can lead you to places that are you may never have been before and encourages you to explore more and spend more time outside.

3. Low impact

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fantastic option for low impact exercise. From the cardio warm-up of pumping up your board to the muscle burn of a hard sprint, SUP doesn’t punish the joints the way many sports or activities can do.

4. Variety is the spice…

SUP is a travel sport, whether that means a short drive to the local beach, or an epic trip to the Norwegian Fjords. The great thing is that you get out and about to new places and your new favourite hobby keeps offering up new places, experiences and opportunities.

5. Mental wellbeing

We put this point last but it was hands down the most popular answer from our group of interviewees. Everyone agreed that even if positive mental health didn’t factor heavily in why they got into paddleboarding, it has certainly enhanced it.
And how could it not? You spend time outdoors, you get fitter, you socialise with others, it can be a social or family pursuit or a solo escape from the pressures of the working world. SUP Yoga has become popular for good reason.


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