Aquaplanet tips for flying with a SUP

Although the thought of taking an inflatable paddle board on an overseas holiday with you might seem daunting, trust us, it can be easier and cheaper than you think, especially if you follow our top tips for flying with a SUP.

1. Check the weight of your paddle board

Check the weight of your paddle board.

The first tip for flying with an inflatable paddle board is that it is important to remember that different airlines have different weight restrictions, luggage allowances and prices. Although weight restrictions for hold luggage varies, typically it is around 23kg, which may give you more space than you expected. The average weight of an Aquaplanet board, deflated in the backpack with the rest of the kit such as pump, paddle and leash, weighs in at around 14kg. This gives you a whole 9kg left for clothing and other bits and bobs as well as around 10kg for your hand luggage limit which should be plenty if you’re mainly packing beachwear.

For a quick way to check luggage size and weight restrictions of key airlines, take a look at this guide, remember to check directly with the airlines for the most up to date figures and to avoid hefty excess baggage fees.

2. Use a quality SUP backpack

Group of people walking on beach wearing Aquaplanet SUP backpacks.

One of the great perks of choosing an inflatable paddle board is that they not only provide you with a great SUP experience, but you also have the flexibility and portability to deflate it, pack it up, and carry it anywhere with you. All Aquaplanet inflatable paddle boards come with a high quality backpack that you can store your deflated board and other kit in to easily carry with your other luggage through the airport.

3. Get a travel paddle

Aquaplanet rainbox max paddle board with adjustable paddle.

Aside from the most obvious item that you need to pack, being your board, don’t forget the Batman to your Robin, the paddle. When transporting your SUP via air, it is important that you also have a portable paddle. Aquaplanet paddles come in an adjustable 3 piece design, so not only do you get the perfect fit when you’re out on the water but you can also dismantle the paddle into 3 easily transportable pieces. To save on luggage space, you can then roll up the paddle and even your pump in the deflated board and store them in your backpack for safe keeping.

4. Label everything

Label everything.

It would be every holiday SUP- er’s worst nightmare to reach their destination only to find that their SUP has been lost in transit or had been misplaced amongst all the chaos of check-in. To avoid this heartbreak, for each bag/item of luggage we recommend having 2 means of contact details. For example a luggage tag on the outside and an additional label on the inside, this way you are maximising the chances of your paddle board finding its way back to you, should the worst happen. Include your name, mobile number and email address but not your home address

5. Research and plan your trip

Research and plan your trip.

The key to any successful and stress-free holiday is to plan carefully with lots of research and taking your SUP on holiday is no different. Making sure that you know the travel protocols for the airport you are travelling from and luggage restrictions for the airline you are travelling with, is essential for a calm check-in and SUP holiday experience.

These tips should help you to benefit from a smooth experience when flying with your SUP. Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your holiday with your inflatable paddle board!

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