In the last few years the early Autumn months have delivered some of the sunniest paddling days you could wish for - but it can’t be denied that right now the nights are drawing in, the temperatures are much cooler and paddleboarding, like all outdoor sports, requires just a bit more grit and enthusiasm at this time of year!

However for the dedicated paddleboarder, by following a few handy hints and with a little preparation you can keep your SUPing upright through the colder months.

Here are a few ideas for turning the ‘off-season’ into high times for our hobby. Read on for some ideas for great experiences and some things you need to consider in order to enjoy them in the season ahead.

1. Early morning paddles

The clear skies and crisp mornings of Autumn and Winter can afford some of the most breathtaking views out on the nation’s waterways.

Spectacular sunrises, mist and river fog afford the morning landscape some eerie and unforgettable moments.

Be sure to wrap up well in case of a dip and paddle with a friend. Keep your phone (in a waterproof case) or Action-Cam handy to capture those epic vistas.

2. Higher Water Rivers

Increased rainfall at this time of year means British rivers are generally running much higher, so they become pacy and potentially great fun. The view is better when you can see over the bank and you can cover impressive distances in little time.

If you have picked up a good deal of experience over the summer and feel confident about faster-flowing water, why not plan a downriver run in the higher water states of winter?

Take care you don’t attempt raging torrents that are beyond your skill level, make sure you go with friends and always wear a buoyancy aid. Consider too wearing a safety belt style, quick release leash rather than an ankle or thigh leash. The higher and faster the water, the more essential this is. Get to know what your local river feels and looks like in different conditions

3. Canal Trips

If the above sounds a little extreme and you don’t fancy running on a fast river when the water is high then you can always resort to the nation’s network of canals.

As the man-made canal network is artificially maintained, the water level remains the same all year round and there is no flow to fight so you can go up or downstream with the same effort.

For both Rivers and Canals you should consider membership of British Canoeing which gives you access to thousands of miles of waterways and a huge cache of advice on locations and routes.

4. Winter surfing

The beaches are less crowded and with the right wetsuit gear, you can enjoy some of the best surfing of the year during winter. Water temperatures in October can still be some of the highest all year as the summer has had plenty of time to heat the sea up.

However the air temperature is lower and the wind chill factor higher, and as you are up out of the water more on a SUP, you need to rug up!

A good 4 millimeter or thicker wetsuit is essential once the water temperatures start to drop and you should consider a hood and gloves too. Don’t make your sessions last too long without a break as the cold will sap your energy faster. And have a flask of something hot waiting for you in the car!

5. Glow Paddles

Get some waterproof LED lights - stick them on (or under) your board - strap on a head torch and get out with some friends on the water in the dark!

A terrific and fun way to enjoy the darker evenings - just google Glow SUP Paddle and see what fun awaits. No doubt your local SUP group will be organising one soon, so look up your local club and join up and join in. This one is definitely a social activity, for both safety and general enjoyment.

So there are just five more ways to boost your SUP habit before the sun breaks through again in the spring! With all of these and indeed any SUP trip, always remember these safety tips:

  • Wear a buoyancy aid.
  • Paddle with a friend and make sure someone knows where you’re going and what kind of time you’re expected back.
  • Where a leash but if in high or fast water - think about a quick release safety leash belt.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Keep spare kit in your dry bag as well as some food and a hot drink.
  • Take a mobile phone (but well waterproofed and secured.

Have fun out there!

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