Aquaplanet needs you! Help us on our emoji mission

Help us to get a paddle board emoji approved and relieve millions of paddle boarders across the globe of regular emoji-frustration.

Here at Aquaplanet HQ, as you can probably imagine, we are huge watersports fanatics. If we had to name one of our favourites, paddle boarding would obviously appear pretty high on the list. If there is one thing that we love, almost as much as paddle boarding itself, it is telling people about our paddle boarding adventures in texts, social media posts and the occasional email.

Imagine the disappointment and frustration that we and many other paddle boarding enthusiasts alike go through, on a near daily basis when we have to settle for a mere wave emoji, or even worse, the surfer emoji. DISCLAIMER: We also love surfing but believe paddle boards deserve an emoji in their own right.

To prevent any teething issues in the design and development, we’ve even taken it upon ourselves to create the perfect paddle boarding emoji - shown below.

Aquaplanet emoji mission.

If you feel passionately, like we do, about paddle boarding and the need for inclusivity of this watersport amongst the emoji selection, then please sign this petition and share with your friends and family to help spread the word!

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