As a sport where you're up and out of the water - but potentially occasionally in it! - paddleboarding presents some unique challenges as to what to wear while you’re doing it, especially in less predictable weather.

Here are a few top tips from our experience to help you choose what to take with you - making sure your next SUP or kayaking adventure is fun, safe and warm:


Drysuits are pretty much the ultimate answer to cold water or whitewater paddling. A decent suit will be breathable, warm and bone dry inside. This means you can wear any clothing you like as a base layer to suit the conditions - even your jeans!

2.Buoyancy Aid

Safety on the water is imperative. Falling into cold water can stiffen muscles - making swimming difficult and putting you in an unsafe situation. Wearing a buoyancy aid will keep you afloat - they also look pretty cool and have handy pockets to store items in while paddling. Check out ours here.

3.Quick Dry SUP Top

If you want an alternative to drysuits or neoprene then there are a host of other clothing options. Three things are important when choosing what to wear: comfort, warmth and weatherproofing. Our Quick Dry SUP Top is perfect for the job!


We all like to take our phones with us when out on the water - it means we can take Insta-worthy snaps and stay in touch with friends back on dry land. But to keep your phone, cards and cash protected, grab yourself one of our Waterproof Phone Cases. And keep yourself dry too with a Microfibre SUP Towel - both lightweight and super absorbant.


If you know you’re going to be immersed in the water - for example, when you’re out surfing or playing around on the river and intend to make a splash of it - you'll need a good quality, perfect-fitting wetsuit to keep you warm.


In the summer or at the beach, barefoot paddling is a joy. But in the colder seasons or on rough riverbanks some foot protection is a great idea. Trainers that you don’t mind getting soaked are a good choice when you need lots of under-sole protection. Wetsuit shoes are warm but typically have a thinner sole and can be a little less comfortable over rocks or pebbly beaches.

Once you're kitted out with all of the above, there'll be nothing stopping you getting out on the water - whatever the season!

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