✅ Have you got the right style of leash for where you will be paddling? Ankle, calf or waist leash. We highly recommend a Quick Release Belt when going on faster flowing water.

✅ Do you have your buoyancy aid? We strongly recommend that you have a primary form of floatation, which is normally your board via the appropriate leash AND a secondary form of floatation in the form of a buoyancy aid (BA) or personal floatation device (PFD).

✅ Does your board need any repairs? Just have a quick ‘once over’ and check for any issues since you last used your board.

✅ Have you inflated your board to the correct pressure (PSI)? Make sure you have pumped your board to the correct PSI pressure. Most boards need to be inflated between 15-17 PSI.

✅ Have you got your mobile phone in a waterproof pouch

✅ Dressed appropriately? - Dress for the weather. 

✅ What shoes are you wearing? Think about your trip and invest in a pair of wet boots with a solid sole, or waterproof trainers. 

✅ Have you got some ‘fix it quick’ kit? We don’t expect things to go wrong, but preparation will help ensure they don’t. Simply carrying some duct tape and a puncture repair kit if it’s an inflatable can be a lifesaver!

✅ Have you packed your dry bag with the essentials for the paddle ahead? Drinking water, hot drinks, snacks, suncream, spare clothes, warm clothing, towel, hats/gloves. It’s worth also considering a small first aid kit with things like plasters, painkillers, bandages, rehydration sachets, antispectic wipes and insect spray.


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