You know what they say, 'there's an app for that'. Well, when it comes to apps to support your paddleboarding adventures, there are a few firm favourites here at Aquaplanet HQ. We've rounded them up for you, so get downloading and start planning!


What 3 Words (app)

A phone with the What 3 Words App open

    Revolutionary way to navigate to any specific 3m point on the globe.

    Easy to memorise or convey an exact location

    Good for finding wild locations away from roads / paths, etc.

    Works on GPS (i.e. without phone signal)

    Increasingly used by emergency services

Water Quality / Campaigning

Safer Seas & Rivers Service (app / webapp)

A phone with the Safer Seas and Rivers Service App open

    Observe and monitor the water quality of Sea & Rivers around the UK

    Find local bathing and paddling spots and check their water safety

    Get Alerts about pollution and sewage discharges

    Report health issues directly through the app to aid campaigning

    Use the app to directly canvass your MP/Water Co. CEO for cleaner water.

    Sign petitions to pressure governments to act to save our oceans.

Paddle Recording

Strava (app)

A phone with the Strava App open

    One of the biggest exercise monitoring/recording apps.

    Now includes paddle sports as recordable activity

    ‘Segments’ to help break up your paddle into fun sprint stretches

    Compare your progress and performance with others or go for your PB

    Form and join clubs - like The SUP Team - by Aquaplanet


Magic Seaweed (app / webapp)

A phone with the Magic Seaweed App open

    The Surfer’s favourite

    Surf specific info for surfing spots around the world.

    Easy to read Tide, Wave, Swell and Weather information 

    Webcams in many locations for realtime viewing

    Galleries of user images at most spots

Weather (app / webapp)

A phone with the App open

    Visually excellent animated wind and weather map

    Shows lots of information in easy to digest form.

    10 day forecast for any location worldwide

    Lots of info for outdoor sports: Wind, gusts, tides, waves, rain accumulation, weather warnings, etc.

    Great for expedition and trip planning

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