When Autumn's cool breezes arrive, it signals prime time to hit the water for a stand-up paddleboarding adventure. But having the right gear makes all the difference in comfort, performance and safety.
We've highlighted must-have accessories to truly maximise your ‘off-season’ paddleboarding potential. Let's dive in!

1. Keep essentials high and dry with a sturdy dry bag

Autumn's unpredictable weather means a reliable dry bag is essential for protecting valuables like your phone, wallet and keys from getting drenched. Prevent soggy mishaps by investing in a properly constructed waterproof bag.

Key features:

  • Tough PVC or vinyl material with thermoplastic polyurethane coating
  • Roll-top closure with sturdy buckles for a tight seal
  • Durability to withstand bumps, drops, and scrapes
  • Multiple size options from 5L to 55L

Aquaplanet’s top pick: Hurley 120L Drybag Backpack. With its beefy vinyl construction, wide opening and reliable clip closure, the Hurley 120L Drybag Backpack is a top choice for keeping gear safely dry on adventures.

2. Dial in your layering system

Proper layering ensures you stay warm and comfy amidst dropping temperatures. A thin wetsuit coupled with a windproof jacket blocks blustery winds and provides full-body insulation even when wet. A drysuit is the ultimate in keeping all weathers and water at bay, but underneath both, consider merino wool or synthetic thermal layers wick away sweat while retaining heat.

Layering tips:

  • Avoid cotton which stays wet and chills you
  • Bring extra layers you can shed or add as needed
  • Look for snug but unrestrictive fit in each layer

Aquaplanet’s top pick: Aquaplanet Quick Dry SUP Top (Unisex). The top’s ability to rapidly expel water means you can remain dry after any paddling mistakes. With this high quality zipped paddleboarding top designed, you’ll look the part while keeping warm.

3. Stay hydrated on-the-go with a hydration pack

Crisp autumn air can disguise sweating and water loss. Avoid dehydration woes by using a hydration pack to sip water while paddleboarding.

Look for these ideal features:

  • 2-3 litre BPA-free reservoir
  • Durable abrasion-resistant material
  • Comfortable, adjustable straps
  • Mouthpiece with high water flow
  • Leakproof sealing system

Aquaplanet’s top pick: Aquaplanet Pro Buoyancy Aid + Hydration Pouch. This PFD's specialised SUP shape provides uncompromised comfort and flexibility. Packed with features like storage, reflectors, and a hydration pouch, it really is the ultimate vest for a day on the water.

4. Leash up for safety and peace of mind

Don't take chances – always use a sturdy leash to avoid separation from your board. Key qualities to look for include:

  • 8-10 feet long for room to move
  • Ankle cuff with neoprene lining for comfort
  • Durable urethane cord with minimum 500lb tensile strength
  • Stainless steel swivels for tangle resistance
  • Floating design so it's easy to grab

Aquaplanet’s top pick: Aquaplanet Deluxe Leash. Our premium leash will keep you connected to your board at all times. It is so light and comfortable you won’t even know it’s there!

5. Get backup buoyancy with a performance PFD

A well-fitting PFD/BA provides vital safety redundancy if you fall in. Prioritise these features:

  • ‘50N’ minimum buoyancy -made to ISO 12402-5:2006 (find this printed inside the jacket)
  • Neoprene or nylon outer material
  • Multiple adjustment straps for customised fit
  • Reflective accents and whistle for visibility and safety
  • Pockets and attachments for gear

Aquaplanet’s top pick: It’s the Aquaplanet Pro Buoyancy Aid + Hydration Pouch again! It’s everything you could ever want from a PFD.

By gearing up with these essential accessories, you'll be ready to seize autumn's vibrant paddling potential. Get outfitted, get pumped and go make those paddleboarding dreams happen!

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